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As I mentioned before, I love decorated ceilings. I am glad that there is a trend now to use this additional canvas to add interest and debth to the room. For this project, my inspiration came from a book “Dream Palaces” by Marc Walter and Jérôme Coignard. I was drawn to two different ceilings.

This one:

and this one:

The darker ceiling won out, as the walls of the room were already painted dark blue and I thought it will look better to keep the color schema simple. Here is the ceiling before, boring:

Once I had decided on the color, I did something little different. I had learned about full spectrum paints and wanted to try out this concept. As I already had the blue in the room, the stencils on the walls and there was no reason to paint the whole room again, I contacted Ellen Kennon, a very gracious lady and great full spectrum paint provider, to color match my blue and make me a custom full spectrum paint for my ceiling. You can learn more about her and her paints here: http://www.ellenkennon.com/. I can tell you that the use of full spectrum paint was a success. Depending on the light, the color changes ever so slightly, giving it more life than regular paint.

After the background was painted, I created templates for my design out of file folders. Then I just used regular tape to tape them up on the ceiling to see how it looks:

Once I was happy with the position, I traced the design with pencil on the ceiling and then used gold paint and a little artist’s brush to fill in the design:

When one section was dry, I repeated the steps for the next section. The reason I did the design in sections was my laziness and frugality – I did not want make too many templates, I just wanted to reuse them. The step of taping the templates on the ceiling was one of the most critical ones, it allowed me to get down and see how it would look like and make sure it was pleasing looking before I had made any marks on the ceiling.

Here is the completed design:

Originally I had planned to add stars to the sun as well, but once the sun was done, the ceiling looked complete to me, so I left it like that. Also, I had stars already in the great room, all rooms did not need stars. I figured, I could always add the stars later, if I felt it necessery.

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