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Since designing and building our current house, decorated ceilings have been one of my passions and past-times. With this project I learned so much. It was the first time I did crown molding, my first attempt with stains to make it look like inlayed wood, my first decorated ceiling. As you will see, sometimes I take a really large first bite. Luckily it has all worked out for me this far.

Here is what I started with:

I chose the stars theme – constellations, as I was working with the ceiling. Here is one of the panel designs:

Each  square is made of 4′X4′ piece of thin plywood. First I traced the design on the plywood and then used dark wood stain to draw in the design like this:

After the design was completely dry, I stained the panel with the lighter, background, stain.  The design showed nicely through:

Once all 18 panels were done, the truly fun part started – installation. I do not know about you, but it was pretty scary to be up 16 feet from the ground, up on the ladder. You do get used to it eventually, especially if you have 18 squares to finish.

Initially we tried to clue the first panel to the ceiling:

This ideas did not work out too well. No-one was willing to be high, holding the panel until the clue tried enough to keep it up. It would have taken too long to do all 18 squares like that anyway. So we came up with idea of using wooden blocks. These same blocks came handy for installing the crown molding as well:

Over all I did as many steps as possible on the ground, to make this project a little bit easier to complete. For example, I stained the crown before installations:

Here is the first square all done:

Here I am finishing up another one. Looks like almost half are done:

Through this whole ordeal, I had our faithful dog, Tigger, guarding me. Not sure what he could have done, had I fallen from the ladder?

and finally, here it is… all done:

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excellent excellent job :) you are unbelievable!

November 7th, 2008 at 3:21 pm

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