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$ 42.00 makeover.

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I inherited this chair:


It had been stored in the garage and in Florida hot climate nothing survives this, especially upholstered furniture. So only thing to do was to recover it with new fabric.

I gave myself a very low budget, as times are hard, but was able to come way under the budget because I got the fabric so cheap from WalMart, paid just $ 2.00 per yard. But lets not get ahead of us.


First I needed to take the chair apart and get the old, ruined fabric off. First came off the bottom cross shown above.


This was pretty much that held the whole chair together. During the process of taking the fabric off, I discovered that this was already a 2nd layer of fabric on this chair. This made my job so much easier.


I was able to use the fabric I took off as pattern for the new pieces. First I laid it on my tile floor to get an idea how much of the new material I needed. Later I also used it as my cutting board.


As I needed several pieces as two opposite pieces and not to by accident cut 2 the same side, I cut out one piece first and then used that as a pattern for the second one.


I also added additional batting to make the chair softer and more comfortable.


and even more so where it counts the most :)


Then it was time to sew the pieces together and put it all back together again.


As you will see from the finished photo, I introduced the middle button back to the chair. Getting this button there was the biggest ordeal of the whole project. I ended up using a knitting needle to get the whole through all this batting and fabric and used very thin wire to attach the button to the chair. You see here the wire stapled in place.


To assemble the chair, I had to do it in reverse order. First I put the cross back. Then I slid the chair back in and tightened all the screws.


I am very pleased with the end result. I think the button adds quite a bit to it. I have plenty of fabric left over, so my next plan is to make some decorative pillows to add even more charm to the whole ensemble.

Let me know if you have any questions about this project :)