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Bar Counter wall rewamp

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Once the Great room ceiling was done


, the bar counter wall looked plain and ugly.


I decided to use same technique and materials to finish the wall like I did on the ceiling, to make sure that these two work together in the same room.


The designs was painted with the dark stain before the main stain was applied. The corbels were from eBay and I got an incredible deal on them. Everything was stained before assembled and afterward only some touch up was required. Here is the close up of the finished wall:



Front Door Grill

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Since we built the house, the front door had been plain. I picked the plain door because I knew I wanted wrought iron grill and I wanted to do my own design. I also knew that many times going local is not more but often less expensive than ordering ready made from some place else.

Here is the door before:

Although I had an idea and drawing what I was thinking of achieving, the true designing happened at the shop on the table, playing with available pieces:

Originally I had not even dreamed of using glass accents. But as the supplier had Murano glass inserts available, I am a huge fan of Murano glass and they had the blue that ties into the fountain and the pool, I could have not been happier to incorporate the glass in my design.

I was lucky to find such great grafts people who were very patient and understanding in my guest for perfect door grills. In the end, I think the results are outstanding.

Here I started pretty much with a blank canvas. The desire was to come up with something simple but at the same time create a feeling of a medieval castle. Little bit of paint and some additional touches achieved this nicely.

Here is the room before:

I decided to use the original painted walls as backdrop and add squares in slightly different hue. I used large squares – 2′X2′ for making this project easier and faster to implement, but also to make the room seem larger than it is.  After the room was painted, I made a mock-up with the bedding and window treatments I was going to use, to see if all these elements would work together.

Tip – notice how the squares flow inside the corners. First of it looks better this way but also this allows to adjust the sizes of the squares to pleasing proportions, as your room width most likely does not divide exactly to your room height.

and here is the room done:

If you have any specific questions about this project that has not been answered yet, I am happy to provide the information.